Full-range speakers can only reproduce some of the low-end sounds, leaving you to miss out on the full music experience. In order to hear everything, you need a subwoofer.

eXcelon Reference subwoofers employ oversized woofers constructed of high quality materials, providing powerful bass that remains true to the original recording, all with a 2 year warranty.


eXcelon Reference Subwoofers

Compact yet powerful, eXcelon pre-loaded enclosures can be mounted in a down firing or upright position. All include a 2 year warranty.

eXcelon Pre-Loaded Enclosures

eXcelon Reference woofers are paired with an optimized enclosure, providing durability, accuracy, and heart-pounding bass, along with a 2 year warranty.

eXcelon Reference Pre-Loaded Enclosures

Performance Series subwoofers offer intense bass at a great value.


Performance Series Subwoofers

eXcelon subwoofers are offered in traditional and shallow mount sizes, providing versatility and performance for any vehicle. All include a 2 year warranty.

eXcelon Subwoofers

Performance Series pre-loaded enclosures make things easier by providing the right enclosure for your subwoofer.

Performance Series Pre-Loaded Enclosures

An amplifier, enclosure, & subwoofer – all in one convenient package.

Powered Subwoofers/ Packages

Custom designed subwoofer grills to enhance their look and protect your investment.


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